Creative Holiday Wrapping

1. Jingle Bell Rock

Put jingle bells on the ribbon you wrap your presents with for a little something extra!

2. Going Postal

Wrap your gift in brown parcel paper, and add the twine or ribbon. (Optional doily on top always looks so chic!) Then, simply use floral wire to attach kumquats, holly sprigs, and other seasonal decor to add a burst of color!

You can also use white paint to make stripes, or use a sponge to create another fun look on top of the parcel paper.

Another cute idea is to use colored stamps and cover the present.

3. Cute as a Button!

Button-stamped gift wrap is fun to make. Affix button to a cork with double-sided tape. Place plain paper on a piece of felt or a folded piece of fabric (this cushions the paper so the mark will be even). Top with a pretty button tied on with baker’s twine.

4. Cloth Fun

Wrap a gift in either a pretty silk scarf for a whispy, romantic feel.

5. Sticker Madness

Use blank stickers from an office-supply store to create polka dots! For the paper, stick to solid-color wrapping.

6. Glam it Up!

Use simple, inexpensive materials such as silver tissue paper, then transform gifts with special ribbons and items from your wrappings box.

7.  Kids Artwork

Children’s drawings make for inexpensive and delightful homemade gift wrap. Have kids doodle on craft paper, shopping bags, and phone book pages.

8. Color Code It!

Assign each family member a different color paper, and you won’t even need gift tags. This is a fun way for everyone to identify his or her presents, and to make the presents an array of colors!

9. Finish with Yarn

Give holiday gifts unexpected panache by using leftover yarn in place of ribbon. Wind cotton or wool yarn around presents (solid-color paper looks best) a few times for thin stripes or several times more for thick ones. Use a fuzzy yarn to give packages a cozy texture. Combine different yarns for colorful striations. Knot strands tightly on the bottom of each box. If desired, tie a bow on top.

10. A Bright Idea

Bright stripes revive even your lamest wrap attempt much better than a sad pile of scissor-curled ribbon. Use fluorescent artist’s tape or plastic lacing (that stuff you braided into key chains during recess as a kid). Colors really sizzle when they’re contrasted against paper in a rich, muted shade, like brown or mustard, or a more organic texture.


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