Create a Child-Safe Home Office

Create a Child-Friendly Home Office

By Brette McWhorter Sember

Safety is key in a home office. Once you have a safe work space, the next step is to make it child-friendly so that you can work while your little one plays in comfort.

Create a Play Area

Designate a special area of your office as child friendly.

    • Place a basket of books and toys on the floor.

    • Add a small child size table and chair if you have room.

    • Add some crayons and coloring books, stickers, puzzles, and maybe a small chalkboard on the wall.

    • A magnet board made from a cookie sheet is another great option.

    • Keep a special box of toys in the closet to pull out for use when you absolutely have to talk on the phone or get some pressing work done.

    • Hide an emergency box of animal crackers in a drawer as a last resort.

    • A few throw pillows and blanket on the floor will make a comfy reading spot as well as great possibilities for tents.

Brette Sember is a mom of two who writes from her home office. She is the author of The Organized Kitchen and The Practical Pregnancy Planner. Her web sites are and

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