Cowboy Christmas

Lasso A Fun Holiday Read With Cowboy Christmas

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, therefore it is time to start getting in the mood for Christmas.  Cowboy Christmas will definitely help get your children to think about all things Christmas, with a cowboy twist.  They will be decoratin’, singin’, hopin’ they get some gifts…all the traditional stuff, without the “G” at the end.

Cowboy Christmas is a fine first book written by teacher-author Rob Sanders.  At first glance it does not look like a best seller, or one that your kid would be excited about unwrapping.  But there’s more to this book than a simple tale of three cowboys out on the range rather than home for the holidays.  

These cowboys are not happy about being stuck with cows rather than their families, and kick around their disappointment in the dirt.  To cheer themselves up, they do what all kids ought to be able to do by kindergarten: they improvise.  They lasso themselves a cactus tree and use what they have to decorate it.  It looks as you might imagine it to look: pretty silly. 

Next they bake Christmas cookies, using whatever ingredients they can scrounge up.  (I definitely don’t recommend substituting beans for sprinkles on your sugar cookies this year, but the idea is sure to get some smiles and wrinkled-noses and “ewwwws!” from young readers.)  Finally, they dress up the cows to look like reindeer—with twigs for antlers and one red nose for the heifer in front.  

Christmas Day brings a great surprise: Santa DOES come!  There he stands, next to a pile of presents for the cowboys.

This little book is packed with lessons on improvising, which I love.  There are reasons to keep up traditions even when you’re away from home or celebrating in a less-than-traditional way, for whatever reason.  

This is a cute holiday book with a cozy, western theme that will make a good addition to your shelf or someone on your holiday list this year.

Cowboy Christmas

By Rob Sanders, Illustrated by John Manderes

Golden Books/Random House:

Price: Available through Amazon, Barnes andNoble, and Books a Million! for approximately $9

Easy to Read  5
Quality of Illustrations
Appealed to Both Boys and Girls  5
 I Would Purchase This For My Family 
 I would Purchase This As A Gift 
 I Found Information in The Book Helpful  N/A
 Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest.

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