Concussion Precaution Tips

5 Concussion Precautions
Should Consider 

Tips provided by the POC Ventures, makers of Guardian Caps.


The word concussion is something that instills fear in any parent because they know concussions are closely associated with many youth contact sports.  However, there are a few preventative measures every parent can take to help keep their children in the game and out of the doctor’s office.

1. Know the Symptoms of Concussions

Concussions are often misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated, but having the knowledge concussion symptoms can help detect when they occur to avoid a more serious injury. Some of the most common symptoms include: loss of consciousness, amnesia, confusion, headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, ringing in the ear and sensitivity to light or noise.

2. Properly Fitted Helmets

Having a properly fitted helmet ensures that they will work to the best of their ability to help athletes protect themselves. Certified athletic trainers are trained in helmet fitting and can guarantee that the helmet fits properly as the first line of defense in injury prevention.

3. Wearing the Proper Mouth Guard

Many parents don’t realize the importance of a mouth guard, but it can often times absorb the majority of the impact if the player is hit near the chin or jaw. In return, the shock absorbed by the mouth guard will help the player remain conscious to avoid a concussion.

4. Enforce Proper Hitting Techniques

Teaching your athlete the importance of proper hitting and tackling techniques can help keep everyone safe on the field. Leading with the body instead of the head and eliminating face-to-face tackling can help reduce the amount of concussions that are often associated with them.

5. Knowing About Additional Protective Gear

Staying up-to-date on different products that can help reduce hitting impact, such as the Guardian Caps developed by the Hanson Group. The Guardian Cap is a soft-shell helmet covering created to reduce the impact from blows to the head. Although they cannot reduce or prevent concussions, they can help reduce the impact of every hit by up to 33%.

Erin and Lee Hanson own a 17-year-old material sciences company, The Hanson Group, and created POC Ventures, LLC and the Guardian Cap in 2010 to help reduce the impact of hits when their own son began playing contact football. They believe that the accumulation of hits to the head, intentional or just from hitting the turf, are a serious concern and that advances in equipment technology are crucial.


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