Celebrating with the BirthdayLand Characters

One thing every child looks forward to is his or her birthday. Developed by Digiplush, BirthdayLand is a magical place where kids can enjoy, imagine and play in a world with everything needed to celebrate a birthday.

The BirthdayLand characters, the Birthdaykins and the Huggaloons, take children on an adventure creating birthday surprises and the “biggest and greatest party” they can imagine. Plush toys, along with an interactive app, make up the BirthdayLand experience.

The eight Birthdaykins are the “party specialists,” making sure all aspects of a birthday party are covered. The six Huggaloons are, as their name suggests, huggable balloon animals. We got to take home the adorable plush versions of the Birthdaykin “Prezzie” and the Huggaloon “Drifty” and create our own BirthdayLand adventure.

Prezzie is a yellow mouse with a large blue gift box hat, who is in charge of delivering the gifts in BirthdayLand. Drifty is a purple horse balloon animal that is eager to take the special birthday child on a ride. Each of these characters is also featured in the BirthdayLand digital app, which we were able to download easily from the iTunes store (also available in the Google Play store and Amazon store.)

After playing with the plush characters for a bit, we began exploring the BirthdayLand app. It is a free app where all the games and activities are related to birthday celebrations. Your child can create an account (up to five accounts are available) that does a birthday countdown and stores a birthday wish list.

Unfortunately, as with many free apps, the only things included are the Birthday Countdown Clock and the game Balloon Pop. All the other features are locked until you enter a secret code or choose to make an in-app purchase. There is a secret code on the Huggaloons and Birthdaykins plush toys that unlocks a few additional games, and another code is available at ToysRUs on the BirthdayLand display.

My son enjoyed playing the games for about 30 minutes, but was disappointed when he couldn’t click on all the features without payment, which I wasn’t willing to provide based on the quality of the free content. He didn’t seem very enthused with any of the games, but did enjoy creating his account so he could watch the countdown to his special day; this is also the only reason he still clicks on the BirthdayLand app.

There are plenty of other digital options available for children that are much more entertaining, educational and engaging that I would recommend before the BirthdayLand app. The Birthdaykins and Huggaloons stuffed animals would make a fun, celebratory addition to a birthday gift (especially for a plush toy lover), but do not expect much value beyond their cuddly cuteness.

BirthdayLand Huggaloon Drifty and Birthdaykin Prezzie

Manufactured by Digiplush

Available exclusively at Toys R Us (www.toysrus.com)

$14.99 (Huggaloons) and $9.99 (Birthdaykins)

Appealed to the advertised age range: 4

Instructions were easy to follow: 3

My child played with this multiple times: 2

Small pieces were a problem: No

Messy: No

Would travel well: Yes

Durability: 3

I would purchase this for my family: No

I would purchase this as a gift: Maybe

Overall rating: 3

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