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Private Schools & Preschools

The Foundations of Learning: Building Blocks of Academic Success

By Kelly BeseckerEducating a student is like building a house. For the house to stand firm, it must have a strong foundation. Likewise in...

Get Your Child Ready for the New School Year

By Dr. Raymond J. HuntingtonEvery August and September, newspapers around the U.S. publish articles about how to get young people prepared to go back...

Destination: Higher Education – A College Admissions Calendar

A College Admissions Calendar for the Year to ComeBy Dr. Raymond J. HuntingtonFrom preparing for the SAT and ACT and visiting campuses, to meeting...

Exploring Every Avenue to the Right College

From earning good grades, to achieving the best possible SAT or ACT score, to coming up with a plan to make it affordable, many...

The Last Solid Investment — EDUCATION

By Shelly SuarezSimple Text Version, Click Here.So here we all are. The economy is still warbling and families are struggling with where to place...

Lunch Bag Notes

By Ann Marie and Al Parisi More Lunch Bag NotesBy Anthony and Al Parisi When Al Parisi was thirty-nine years old, he was diagnosed with a...

The Essential Home-Work Station

Experts agree that one of the keys to success in school is giving kids a quiet, organized place to study and do homework. Whether...

Conquering Disorganized School

Some children are naturally organized while others struggle to maintain any semblance of neatness. There are ways parents can help a disorganized child —...

The Healthiest Gift

By Beth ClineAs soon as Thanksgiving is over, parents begin their quest braving the treacherous weather, congested parking lots and stores swarming with shoppers....

Thinking Organized

By Rhona M. Gordon What do you do with a child who just can’t keep up with her things? When she constantly forgets homework and...