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David C. Miller My Turn

Reflections Along a Fatherhood Journey

Growing up, I marveled over my father’s puritan work ethic, deep commitment to our family and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of...
The Tuss Family Parent You Should Know June 2022

Parent You Should Know: Adam Tuss News and views about fatherhood and family

  Viewers of NBC News4 Washington know Adam Tuss as the transportation reporter and anchor of the Sunday edition of News4 Today. Before joining NBC4...
Child being comforted by mother

Talking to Your Kids About Conflicts and Unsettling Events

  The news of tragic deaths of children and adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, May 24, is harrowing and heartbreaking....
Cheryl MaGuire twins

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom of Twins

  Admitting I’m a mom to twins usually elicits a myriad of questions: Who was born first? Are they identical? How do you manage? People are...
Becky A. Gardner and family

Parent You Should Know: Becky A. Gardner Celebrating life through photography

  Becky Gardner’s photography journey began with a few community college classes after her son Henry was born in 2011. In seeking something fun and...

Activities to Keep Your Child’s Party Going How to entertain from the time the...

You’ve sent invitations, bought decorations, made a list (and checked it twice) … now you’re ready to throw your child the best birthday party...

The Art of the Thank-You Note Motivate your kids to express their gratitude

  What child doesn’t love getting gifts? What if kids approached writing thank-you notes for those gifts with the same love? Learning to write thank-you notes...
carnations official mother's day flower

Carnations: The Official Mother’s Day Flower

The carnation tradition is as old as the holiday itself.
My Turn: Vanessa Corcoran

My Turn: What I’ll Tell My Daughter About Her First Year

Through letters to her daughter, one local mom is documenting the experience of having and raising a baby during a pandemic.

Learning New Ways of Parenting, ‘Ready or Not’ New York Times bestselling author Dr....

  When psychologist Dr. Madeline Levine’s latest book “Ready or Not: Preparing Our Kids to Thrive in an Uncertain and Rapidly Changing World” (Harper, 2020)...