Family Life

Emergency Room Injuries and How to Prevent Them

  Getting hurt is a part of childhood, but it’s essential to prevent serious injuries in children. Parents can take several steps—in the home, on...
Dr. Michael Virts Mount Airy Pediatric Dentist

Dental Details: Dr. Michael Virts

  We all know that feeling: Uh-oh, my child has a cavity. Was it too much candy? Not enough time spent brushing? Should we have...
Valentine's Day crafting DIY

Make a Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

  I feel strongly that crafting and creating is a win-win for parents and children. If there’s one thing that I learned from being a mom...
Summer Camp Washington Family

5 More Camps to Love: 2022 Washington Summer Camp Directory Spotlights

  In addition to language learning, gymnastics, wildlife exploration, performing arts and overnight experiences based in Jewish cultural traditions—highlighted in our first 2022 Summer Camp...
Summer camp

Questions to Consider When Selecting a Summer Camp for Your Child

  It may be cold outdoors, but summer camps in our region are thinking ahead to warmer weather and summer camp season. Explore the following...
Camp Pegasus Community Meeting

What Are the Benefits of Special Needs Summer Camps?

  As the chilly winds of winter blow through the mid-Atlantic region, many of us long for the sunny days of summer. For our kids,...
Miriam Licht

Smiling on the Inside: Living with Moebius Syndrome

  Pediatric neurologist Carl E. Stafstrom remembers his first experience with Moebius syndrome was with a child’s mother. She had the tell-tale signs: a drooping...
Mentoring Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington

Small Steps, Big Differences: The Power of Mentoring

  The idea of starting a mentor-mentee relationship can be daunting. Gabrielle Moore remembers it well. She laughs as she recalls the sight of a...
Focus Family Martial Arts Academy

Supporting Mental and Emotional Health of Campers

  When Focus Family Martial Arts Academy welcomed children back to camp last summer, staff noticed something odd. Children in kindergarten and first grade did...
Mother using a comb to look for head lice.

Should I Worry About My Child Getting Head Lice?

  Lice. Just reading the word can send shivers down a parent’s spine. However, lice infestations in children are relatively common. According to estimates from the...