Family Life

Meet the Camps! Washington FAMILY Summer Camp Fair: Fairfax, VA

Camp fair season is upon us. With dozens of options from science to sports to academics, camp fairs are an opportunity to meet camp...
A child getting a doctor check-up.

Choosing a Pediatrician

Being pregnant with a new baby is exciting and a little scary. Before your baby is born, you may feel overwhelmed with information and...
A boy uses a computer.

Coding: A Good Career Path for Autistic Children?

For parents of autistic children, “learn to code” is not a snarky rejoinder to the absence of computer skills. It’s a legitimate suggestion for...
A woman smiles wearing a denim jacket.

You ‘Odder’ Know Katherine Applegate

You might know Katherine, or K.A., Applegate from the popular young adult series Animorphs, which she co-wrote with her husband Michael Grant. Its 1996...
Peaches recipe compilation

Read and Eat: Summer Peaches

Sweet (or maybe slightly sour), juicy and refreshing. In the season for fresh fruit, peaches are a summer icon in their own right—and from...

Why Children Fake Being Sick and What To Do About It

As parents, you hear a lot of talk about how to tell if your child is really faking being sick. But what we really...

Sensory-Friendly Experiences for Kids in the DMV

Kids with sensory sensitivities enjoy going to museums, plays and events like their neurotypical peers. However, they may need some modifications to make the...

The Value of Teaching Your Kids ASL

Being deaf is more common than many people think, and deaf children are usually born to hearing parents. In fact, more than 90% of...
Babies at daycare

Baby and Maternity Directory: Childcare & Early Childhood Education

When the baby comes, you want your childcare and schooling options to already be at your fingertips. Explore a handful of education opportunities for...
Best friends talking together outside elementary school

Deciding on Braces: What are the Health Benefits to Orthodontics?

  Orthodontics is not only about making your smile pretty. Although not every child will need braces, having an early assessment can prevent issues such...