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10 myths about choosing a camp

10 Myths About Choosing A Camp

A lot of misconceptions abound about summer camp.
overnight camp kids

Are Overnight Camps Worth the Cost?

Spoiler: The learning opportunities and social interactions that kids get at sleepaway camp are invaluable.
camps for preschoolers

Camps for Preschoolers: How Do I Find the Right One?

If your child enjoys preschool, chances are they'll love summer camp.

Watch: Is Your Child Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

Liz Heilbronner, director of Camp Horizons in Harrisonburg, Virginia, shares how and when to start the search for a sleepaway camp.
Benefits of summer camp

Watch: Social and Emotional Learning at Summer Camp

Phil Liebson, director of Camp JCC in Rockville, explains why camp is so important after a year of virtual learning.
is your teen ready to be a CIT?

Is Your Teen Ready to Be a CIT?

Learn what makes a good counselor-in-training, plus the benefits of working at a summer camp.
10 things you never knew about camp

10 Things You Never Knew About Camp

S'mores are great, but there's more to the summer camp experience than campfires and canoeing.
long-term benefits of sleepaway camp

The Long-term Benefits of Sleepaway Camp

Spending a summer away from home brings kids closer to nature and encourages social and emotional development.

Girls and Camp: Fostering Community, Causes and Confidence

How summer camp experiences allow girls to create their own personal pathways to success.
Questions to ask when choosing a summer camp

Questions to Consider When Selecting a Camp for Your Child

Make the best choice for your child by getting all of the information upfront.