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Developmental Disabilities Awareness: 13 Tales to Inspire and Educate

By Luz Flores, librarian at Noyes Library for Young Children, Montgomery County Public Libraries. All book covers are provided by their publishers. For Developmental Disabilities...

10 Books for Learning and Family Fun

Give the gift of reading for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions with children's books about leadership, imagination, faith, grief, fighting for justice and...

Holiday Stories to Warm Your Heart

This month, warm up with a hot beverage and a good book! These holiday reads available at Montgomery County Public Libraries will put you...
A woman smiles wearing a denim jacket.

You ‘Odder’ Know Katherine Applegate

You might know Katherine, or K.A., Applegate from the popular young adult series Animorphs, which she co-wrote with her husband Michael Grant. Its 1996...
Peaches recipe compilation

Read and Eat: Summer Peaches

Sweet (or maybe slightly sour), juicy and refreshing. In the season for fresh fruit, peaches are a summer icon in their own right—and from...
David C. Miller My Turn

Reflections Along a Fatherhood Journey

Growing up, I marveled over my father’s puritan work ethic, deep commitment to our family and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of...
Celebrate Fatherhood and the Bonds We Share With "Larry and Bob" by Karen Schaufeld

Local Author’s Children’s Book Celebrates Fatherhood and Friendship

In "Larry and Bob," by Loudon County author Karen Schaufeld, an unlikely animal pair bonds over fatherhood.
“We Will Find Your Hat!: A Conundrum!”

Let the Party Begin! 12 Books Celebrating Special Occasions

By Jennifer Rothschild, Collection Engagement Librarian, Arlington Public Library Parties are a great time to connect with friends and family and meet new people. These...

Learning New Ways of Parenting, ‘Ready or Not’

  When psychologist Dr. Madeline Levine’s latest book “Ready or Not: Preparing Our Kids to Thrive in an Uncertain and Rapidly Changing World” (Harper, 2020)...
Milo Imagines the World

Art Is Powerful

The power of art is undeniable. Through art, children and teens can express emotions big and small. They can soar through creation and find...