Car Accident Now What?

Taking the time now to review the steps you should follow after an auto accident can help reduce anxiety and avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

The experts at the Better Business Bureau offer the following tips.

Always carry your insurance card and policy number.

Notify the police. Get the officer’s name and badge number and the address and phone number of the police station. Ask when the accident report will be filed and how to obtain it.

Review your insurance filing procedures; store a copy in your glove compartment.

Notify your insurance company quickly even if you’re far from home and didn’t cause the accident. Ask your agent how to proceed. Be familiar with your insurance company’s policy regarding qualified repair shops.

Get the name of the other driver, his address, phone numbers; license plate; insurance company name and policy number and the telephone number of his insurance agent. Obtain names and addresses of passengers and witnesses.

Make notes describing the accident, vehicles, their speeds, the setting, weather, traffic signs and signals, and road conditions. Take photographs or draw simple diagrams.

Don’t make oral or written statements about responsibility or blame and don’t say how much liability insurance you carry. Don’t discuss the accident with other drivers, witnesses or passengers.

Don’t accept offers to settle on the spot without thinking about it carefully. You may be held liable later for the same damages.

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