Candy Cane Napkin Rings

By: Amanda Formaro

These glittery napkin rings are a pretty addition to your table. Even the young ones can help with this craft!

What you’ll need:

1 sheet white construction paper (makes 8 rings)

Red glitter glue

White glitter glue

White craft glue


Scissors or cutting board


How to make it:

1.    Lay construction paper onto a covered work surface.

2.    The construction paper sheet should be lying in the landscape position so that the long edges are at the top and bottom, shorter ends are on the sides.

3.    Starting at the bottom far left corner (start on the right if you are a lefty), pipe a line of red glitter glue from the bottom to the top of the paper. Skip about one inch and repeat. Continue this all the way across the paper.

4.    Repeat step #3 with white glitter glue, drawing the white lines in between the red lines. Your lines will NOT be touching.

5.    Using a paintbrush gently spread out the first line of red glitter glue, careful not to touch the white. Repeat for each red line.

6.    Clean out the paintbrush and repeat step #5 for the white glitter glue. All your lines should be touching, or at least very close to each other.

7.    Allow sheet to dry completely, this can take several hours.

8.    When sheet is completely dry, fold in half like a greeting card and gently crease. Use scissors to cut along the crease. You should now have to pieces.

9.    Hold one of the pieces so that the stripes are going horizontally. Cutting from the bottom upward, cut in half and then in half again to create four strips. Repeat this for the other half sheet. This will result in a total of 8 strips.

10.    Turn strips over so that the glitter side is facing down. Carefully fold along the long edge, both sides, to create a more finished look. Glue the folded sides to the back. Repeat for all strips.

11.    Roll each strip into a circle, the ends should overlap by about an inch. Secure the overlap with a piece of clear tape.

12.    Insert napkins and set the table!

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