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Saving Strawberry Farm

By Deborah Hopkins, Illustrated by Rachel Isadora

In the summer of 1933, a young boy named Davey learns a valuable lesson about love, good will, and the value of a penny. When Davey’s mom sends him to the store for a block of ice to make lemonade on the Fourth of July, he runs into Miss Elsie, who gives him one of the last of her pennies. She is in danger of losing her strawberry farm, but she shares her money with the little boy anyway. Her act of goodwill starts the townspeople on a crusade to help her to save her farm. This delightful story about loyalty and friendship is sure to become a family favorite. Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books and available in bookstores nationwide and online booksellers. Ages 4 and up.

A Cow in Apple Time

By Robert Frost, Illustrated by Dean Yeagle

No matter how we all felt when taking poetry classes in high school and college, it is a rare person who does not know and love Robert Frost. His beautiful poem A Cow in Apple Time has been made accessible to children with this new book illustrated by artist Dean Yeagle. The story of a stubborn cow who knows no obstacle when it comes to getting what she wants, even if it proves not to be good for her is an important lesson for all. Kids will love the amusing characters and parents will delight in the opportunity to share this timeless classic with their children. This new release from Beekman and Hathaway Publishing is available in bookstores nationwide, online booksellers and from the publisher

Is A Worry Worrying You?

By Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz, Illustrated by Marie Le Tourneau

“A worry isn’t polite…It just barges in, and will stay as long as you let it…”

We know that childhood is supposed to be a happy time for our children, and the things kids face are, for the most part, pretty minor. But how many times have we tried to help our kids deal with worries that just do not seem to go away? This cute story for kids who worry is sure to give parents a way to help their kids work through it. Fun illustrations and outrageous situations with real solutions give parents an opportunity show their kids that everyone worries, and the anxiety they are feeling is normal, and every problem can be solved. Ages 4-8. Is a Worry Worrying You is available from Tanglewood Press at bookstores nationwide and online booksellers.

Mama Went to Jail for the Vote

By Kathleen Karr, Illustrated by Malene Laugesen

“Women are meant to be an ornament to man, and to comfort him after his labors…”

Most of us have no idea what kind of lives women in the early 1900’s led. The fight to vote was the beginning in a long line of victories for women. Mama Went to Jail for the Vote is the story of a little girl, Susan Elizabeth, who watches her mother fight valiantly for the right to vote, from parades, to picket lines – all the way to spending six months in prison! Her father starts off ignoring her mother’s quest, then finally supporting it as this drama unfolds and the little girl gets the attention of President Wilson at the gates of the White House. This well-written historical fiction story is the perfect way for us to introduce our daughters (and sons!) to the victories these brave women won in our Nation’s history. Published by Hyperion Books for Children and available at online booksellers and in bookstores nationwide. Ages 5-9.

Lotsa de Casha

By Madonna, Illustrated by Rui Paes

Lotsa de Casha lived in a castle called Flasha de Casa. He had everything money could buy. His only problem was that he was miserable. No matter how much he acquired, he could not seem to shake the feeling that something was missing in his life. So Lotsa set off to find happiness. His quest started off ill-conceived – he tries to buy the satisfaction he seeks – but when he finds himself desperate and humbled, he realizes that happiness comes from sharing his wealth and putting others first. Madonna, however dubious her distinction, has written another insightful, thought-provoking story about life and how to treat the people we love. Available at bookstores nationwide, online booksellers and from the publisher


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