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BooginHead LLC, is a company founded by a mom trying to solve a recurring problem with children’s gear (a familiar description in the world of children’s products these days).

Sari Davidson needed a way to keep her child’s sippy cup from hitting the floor and rolling away, so she created the SippiGrip. From there, her business has grown, creating products that solve problems and are functional while being fashionable and inexpensive. In addition to trying out the original SippiGrip, we gave the companies reusable baggies and pouches, dinnerware and bibs a test run during snack and meal times.

Squeeze’Ems Reusable pouches: Both of my children love applesauce pouches for a snack or side dish at dinner. I am happy to have them enjoy such a healthy choice, but we were going through pouches at an extremely fast rate. This is a fairly expensive way to buy applesauce, the serving size was never enough and it felt wasteful to throw out up to six per day, so I was eager to try out the BooginHead reusable pouches.

I bought a family-size jar of the same applesauce and filled them up for the kids. My son loved them and my daughter grew to like them after a few tries. They are easy to clean and hold a decent amount of food. The Squeeze’Ems can be put in the freezer or microwave for various temperatures of food. The only negative is the plastic screw top. It is quite large, preventing children from being able to squeeze out the last bit of food, and it is counter-intuitive to use (open is a clockwise turn, close is counterclockwise), though there are small “open” and “close” words printed on the pouch upon closer inspection.

Pack’Ems Reusable snack bags: Much like the reusable pouches, these bags allow you to buy snacks in a more economical size and portion them out for on-the-go munching. The bags are made of a thick plastic and have a bottom that pops out so the bag can stand upright. I found they were easy to seal using the Velcro Brand Press-Lok as well as clean (dishwasher safe!), and my kids loved the bright see-through designs. My daughter has been using them while her brother has baseball practice and all the other players’ siblings want them now! The Pack’Ems are sold in packs of two; one large and one small. They are a great way to save money and save the earth from unnecessary trash.

Plates, bowls, cups and silverware: The plates and silverware are made of melamine and are decorated with a superhero theme. The specific superhero design we received is catered toward girls, with bright pink, yellow and green crowns and “super words.” There is also a line that is blue/red/yellow, which my son seemed to prefer when we were browsing the BooginHead website. We received three plates (all of different designs), two bowls, two cups and a fork and spoon to match. I found the plates a bit too large (9” in diameter) and flat for my children. Without any type of lip or edge, food was constantly sliding off of their plates. The bowls were a great size and perfect for cereal, soup or mac and cheese. The cups were a good size for my 2-year-old, but did not hold enough liquid for my preschooler. They were taller rather than wider, which helped a bit with preventing spills. The fork and spoon were awkwardly shaped and not a favorite in our house. While none of these can go in the microwave, they are BPA-free and easily washed in the dishwasher (top rack only).

Bib: The bib we received was very cute and fit the superhero theme by including a cape you can attach with velcro. It is a nice large size, decorated with bright colors, and easy to wipe down at the end of a meal.

SippiGrip sippy cup holder: This accessory is a must have for moms of toddlers. A patented grip material wraps around your child’s favorite cup, bottle or toy. The other strap, adjustable in length, is secured to a high chair, stroller or other location to prevent the item from falling on the ground. The SippiGrip would have prevented a bunch of our toys and cups from disappearing when my kiddos were in the stroller earlier in life. Currently, I find it great for the highchair. While it doesn’t prevent spills, I don’t have to be constantly picking up dropped cups and washing them! The SippiGrip comes in a variety of fun designs and colors to fit your preference.

BooginHead provides a great variety of dining options for at home and on-the-go. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the dinnerware, I will definitely be stocking up on more of their reusable line for our family and for gifts to other children as well as recommending the SippiGrip to all new moms!

BooginHead Children’s Dining Accessories

Manufactured by BooginHead

Available at,, and major baby/children’s items retailers.

Plates (3): $8.99

Silverware (Spoon and Fork): $2.99

Cups (2): $5.99

Bowls (2): $6.49

SippiGrip Sippy Cup Holder: $7.50

Squeeze’Ems Reusable pouches (2): $7.99

Pack’Ems Reusable snack bags: $7.99

Bib: $7.99

Durability: 5

Ease of Use: 3

Comfort: 4

I would purchase this for my child: Yes

I would purchase this as a gift: No

Overall rating: 4

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being highest.

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