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I’ve been cloth diapering my children for the past three years, and while I don’t consider myself a cloth diaper genius, I do have a pretty good understanding of cloth diapering: the options, the washing, the benefits/drawbacks, etc. But when I first saw the Bitti Tutto diapers I was a bit blown away. These diapers are intense–they have three different inserts with different color coded snapping options depending on what absorbency you want! These diapers are deluxe cloth diapers!

First off, I wouldn’t recommend anyone go out and buy a Bitti Tutto diaper if you’ve never seen, read about or used a cloth diaper. You might feel overwhelmed.

The diaper did come with a few instructions, but to the layman does this make much sense?: “use the long soaker folded to the setting to match the rise, plus a mini soaker, or two shaped soakers snapped at either end.” With a little practice (and thank heavens for those color coded snaps) I figured out the combination of soakers and fitting that worked best for my baby.

The Bitti Tutto diaper is designed to fit babies from birth through potty training. That is a feature I like, and with the many removable soaker pads you really can customize the size for your baby so that the diaper isn’t huge and bulky for a newborn.

Bitti Tutto diapers don’t need a cover and are good at containing messy messes. The patented “poo fence” really does prevent leaks. The company recommends washing the diapers once or twice before use to increase absorbency, but I found that after five or six washes the diaper really started absorbing quickly and well.

One thing I found odd is that the wash instructions say that you can wash them with your normal clothes. In all my cloth diapering I have never done a load of diapers with our normal everyday clothes! For one I use different detergent for diapers, but also I find that to really get the diapers clean and to not build up residue on the diapers a prewash or rinse is necessary. I definitely would not recommend washing your cloth diapers with the rest of your laundry!

Bitti Tutto diapers are made with super soft waterproof minkee fabric on the outside; very unlike some of the cloth diapers I have that feel very plasticy on the outside.  The diapers come in 18 bright, vibrant colors and a handful of fun seasonal prints.  The inside is soft too, and the soaker inserts are made from super absorbent bamboo.

And the diapers are designed in Australia so I loved the little language differences I found on the website and packaging such as calling diapers nappies and giving washing temperatures in Celsius and weight in kilograms.  

Bitti Tutto are deluxe cloth diapers that are well made, but I wouldn’t buy them for a novice cloth diapering mama unless she’s willing to experiment and try something new without completely understanding the written instructions.

Bitti Tutto

Price: $26.95

 Durability  5
 Ease of Use  3
 Comfort  5
 I Would Purchase This for My Child
 I would Purchase This as a Gift  no
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