Big Apple Circus 2014

Big Apple Circus Was a Big Hit!


So I went to the Big Apple Circus–with a gaggle of kids (mine and others)! I’ll tell you up front, I am not the mom who takes my kids to “stuff” as much as they’d like – not a crowd, traffic, endless demands kind of gal. The Big Apple Circus was a great fit for all of us.

The highlights for the lone parent first (husband stayed home)…it was without traffic headaches, parking issues, long lines, and all the other inconveniences that can hamper family fun outings. I parked under a tree at Dulles Town Center – score. We rode the shuttle less than two minutes, walked through the ticket gate, and visited the “facilities” (which were in a semi-trailer and not too objectionable). We were then escorted to our seats and were ready for a show. Easy peasy.

The highlights for the kids…I had four with me. All girls – some 12, some 6. There was the whole popcorn, cotton candy, juice box stop which doesn’t hurt their attitudes. But they didn’t need the food to make the event.

The Big Apple Tent makes for kind of an old fashioned, personal presentation. I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house. It was great to have a single ring of action – none of that “what did I miss” fear of the three ring variety. You’re “right there” with the performers. When you can see the sweat beading on the forehead or worry that the alpaca might be a llama since it’s in spitting distance, you really feel part of it all.

You have to go to see how two full grown women can fold themselves into a shiny cube about the size of a carry-on. Really, my back hasn’t been the same – sympathetic pains – after watching them. That and the trapeze that was above and beyond (pun intended) any I had seen before. I kept saying (out loud to my pre-teen’s horror) “no way is he going to jump there?!?” Then, yup, he did.

We all had a great time. It was family friendly – not too loud or scary for the littlest ones, but totally entertaining for the rest of us (kids of all ages). Go see it next time it’s in town! You’ll be glad you did.

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