Becoming a Camp Counselor

Kids grow up and out of the camp age-range, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Encourage your child to become a camp counselor! Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Getonline and research your options. Check job boards for camp job listingsthroughout the United States and review the required qualifications.
  • Network.Talk to people at your church about church camps, check school job boards andlook for opportunities at your local parks and recreation department.
  • Assessyour skills. Any special qualifications, such as lifeguard, first aid, or CPRcertification, will work in your favor. Other useful skills include horsebackexperience, guitar playing, work as a naturalist and anything else that mightrelate to the camping experience.
  • Look fora camp that will use your strengths. If you play soccer, apply at a soccercamp. If you’re a super cheerleader, apply at a spirit camp. If you’re anaccomplished musician, apply at a music camp.
  • Considera local day camp if you want to stay at home. You’ll need to provide your owntransportation to and from camp, but you’ll get paid and gain experience thatyou can add to your résumé.
  • Apply tocamps that interest you. You might need to supply a résumé, letters ofrecommendation and even high school or college transcripts. Appear atinterviews as requested.

Source: eHow

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