Beat the Winter Blues

Follow these simple tips for a healthier, happier you!

1.  Eat Right. During work hours, we have a tendency to neglect our body’s needs by eating unhealthy snacks. Eating healthy foodcan increase your energy.

2.  Drink Less Caffeine. Drinking lots of coffee and sodas can increase your stress levels. If you can’t cut out caffeine beverages completely, try to alternate your caffeine intake with healthier beverages or snacks.

3. Exercise. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, so try to take abrisk 10-minute walk during the day, even if it means a walk around theoffice or building. Walking will help to get your blood moving and giveyou a mental break from your tasks.

4. Eliminate Noise. Background noise can be distracting and unsettling. If you are finding it difficult to concentrate due to excessive noise, invest in earplugs or even a walkman with headphones — the headphones will block out the noise while soothing music calms you.

5. Stretch. Stretching will help to relieve stiff muscles, which can hold tension and make you feel more stressed.

6. Simplify the Morning. Getting up 15 minutes earlier and packing lunches or laying out clothes the night before can help create a routineand get you organized.

7. Think Happy Thoughts. Take a few minutes to reflect on the good things in life. Taking stock of what you have can instantly improve your mood and outlook.

8. Breathe. When we are stressed, we have a tendency to take shallow breaths, which can result in feeling more tense. Start by inhaling deeply through the nose for a count of eight, then exhaling slowly for acount of 16. Concentrate on your counting and breath.

9. Rest. Be sure you are getting enough sleep at night. Not feeling rested can add to your stress level and make you feel more overwhelmed. If you have been experiencing recurring sleepless nights, consult your physician for guidance.

10. Enjoy life. Try to do something you love every day to give yourself something to look forward too.


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