Bald Head Island

“Local Secret, Big Find”

Our society is a fast-paced, stressful one. We have somewhere to go pretty much all the time. There are kids to shuttle around, full-time jobs to attend to, and our leisure activities are almost as taxing as our work. But stress is the precursor to 50% of the illnesses in the country! So we go on vacation. Most of us once a year or so, and we are looking for a well-deserved respite from the lives we lead. However, for those who have the tendency to pack vacations with activities at the same fast pace as their lives and may be looking for something a little different this year, Bald Head Island is the perfect vacation. Located two miles off the southwestern coast of North Carolina and accessible only by boat or ferry, this quiet getaway is a wonderful spot for people who are looking for a holiday as well as an escape. Free of the usual movie theaters, amusement parks and outlet malls of the typical tourist spot, Bald Head Island offers an experience that is reminiscent of a simpler time. 14 miles of beaches, beautiful forests, a championship golf course and a host of family activities at the island offer families and friends a chance to relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate. This quiet getaway is perfect for vacationers; but can also be the perfect setting for family reunions, corporate retreats or wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

A mere 20-minute ferry ride takes you a half a world away from the hustle bustle of the city. On Bald Head Island, there are no cars – only golf carts. The speed limit is 18 miles per hour. Any other source of transportation, with the exception of the electric tram that delivers guests from the marina to their property, is in the form of bicycles and walking. A full-time recreation department serves up a wide variety of family-friendly programs, such as bird watching, day camp, cooking classes and kids night out or teen beach parties. There is plenty to do offshore too, from fishing and crabbing to boating at the Yacht Club. The Conservancy offers a wide variety of environmentally-oriented curriculums, including the sea turtle protection program. Plus, history abounds! Stories about pirates, Indians, lighthouse keepers, soldiers and ruffians of all types make interesting, colorful fun for the history buff. 

Of the 12,000 acres of land on the island, 10,000 are permanently protected. Residents of the island, as well as visitors and people who are thinking of purchasing a second home there appreciate the fact that so much of the island will remain undeveloped. So many of us watch with chagrin the rampant development in our own communities. How many times have we returned even to a favorite vacation spot and seen that it has grown so appreciably that it is not the same as we remember? This simply will not happen on Bald Head. The island is scrupulously protected, building is very closely regulated, and development is restricted to only that which is environmentally sensitive. As a result, a vacation on the island is a wonderful way to escape; a true respite from all we are inundated with on a daily basis. After a vacation like this one, there is no doubt families will be ready anew to face the busy lives they lead when they return to them. 

Bald Head Island boasts six distinct environments. Three distinct shorelines; West, South and East Beaches; the Marsh and Creek recreational area, the Maritime Forest and the Harbor Village and Golf Course guarantee visitors with different taste an experience they are sure to enjoy. Even families and friends with differing ideas of what makes for a good vacation will have the kind of diversity they need on Bald Head Island to find something they are sure to enjoy.

Free of the usual tourist traps, this quiet respite promises the kind of vacation, retreat, or family experience sure to bring people back year after year. For more information or to book your next vacation or get-together, visit their web site

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