Back to School Checklist

Besides the usual notebooks, pencils, and crayons, there are other back-to-school ideas you can’t forget!

Grocery Shopping Trip with Your Kids

Take the kids shopping next time you head to the grocery store. I can’t say how many times the kids have brought their lunch boxes home with food still left inside! Decide together which healthy choices can be used for lunch.

Have the Online Safety Talk

As a new year starts, so will the online troubles. Talk to your smaller child about the dangers of cyberbulling – what to do, who to tell and how to respond. If your child is older, also include cyberbullying, but include a bit on sharing personal photos on the web. Once a photo (or an inappropriate post) are shared, they’ll be online forever. Colleges and employers will check social media sites, so remind them to be careful when sharing information online.

Set Fall Goals

Talk with your children about what they want out of this school year. Help them make manageable goals, so when they get older, they’ll learn about setting realistic goals for themselves. For example, maybe play sports 3 instead of 4 days, and giving them an hour of free time after school to have a break before homework time! Also talk with them about what new clubs or organizations they may want to join.

Submit Your Halloween Photos

What better way to start the fall than to see your kids photo in our magazine? Send your favorite Halloween photo from a past year, and your child’s photo could be seen in October’s issue! 



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