BABYBUG and CLICK Magazines from Cricket Media

Reading has become a fun, family-time event for my children and me.
With my three-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, I read the BABYBUG magazines from Cricket Media. They’re composed of several short stories with beautiful and bright illustrations. We especially enjoyed the stories about everyday activities because my three-year-old can easily relate. I loved watching my eldest read the books to her younger brother.
Together, my daughter and I read CLICK Magazine, which is also from Cricket Media. I loved how it complemented my daughter’s school curriculum. The specific CLICK issue that we read was titled, “What’s Inside Your Body?” This year in school, my daughter learned all about the same topic, and it was interesting to read the additional information in the articles throughout the magazine. They were nicely written and my daughter can read them by herself. She also enjoyed the activities in the magazine.
Mom Reviewer, Laura K.


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