Michelle Blanchard Ardillo

Michelle Blanchard Ardillo is a full-time language arts teacher at St. Jude Regional Catholic School in Rockville, Maryland, as well as a part-time freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @michardillo or on her website, www.michelleardillo.com.

Knitting for Charity More than just a hobby, knitters and crocheters are picking up their needles as a way to give back to the community

Knitting for Charity | Washington FAMILY magazine

Aside from the inherent sense of accomplishment and pride in creating a garment or accessory, the simple act of knitting for charity can be a way for even the busiest person to give back to the community. Many hospitals and charity groups exist to connect crafters with those in need, …

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Express Yourself To Impress The School Admissions Committee To Impress The School Admissions Committee

Eighth-grade year for many brings tears of joy and sadness. Students must leave the safe cocoon of middle school and spread their wings as high school freshmen. For parents interested in pursuing secondary education in a Catholic school or private school for their children, this process can be formidable. And, …

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Armchair Traveler: Books That Let You Travel the World (Without Leaving Your Home)

Sometimes the ability to travel abroad is just not possible. If health issues, budgetary concerns, work obligations or family responsibilities are preventing you from traveling to far away places, there’s always a second option: Pick up a good book! Books allow you to experience the culture, customs and traditions of …

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