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Arlo Makes Getting Glasses Fun!



If I could give Arlo Needs Glasses more than five stars I would. In this story we have Arlo, a dog that loves to play catch with his owner. One day while Arlo and his owner are playing catch, Arlo begins to have difficulty catching the ball. His owner thinks Arlo has forgotten how to catch the ball so he demonstrates for Arlo. After that his owner (who also wears glasses) suspects Arlo has problems with his vision.

This book takes you through Arlo’s experience at the eye doctor and finding the right pair of glasses. I let my highly opinionated five year old daughter read the book and she loved it and was able to read it by herself. I was concerned when I found out this book was interactive; there are pull tabs and pop-ups. My experience is these books usually don’t stand up to the abuse of little hands, but this book was different. It’s well made with heavy pages.

The colors in this book are vibrant. In addition to pull tabs and pop-ups this book also has a pull out phoropter (used at the eye doctor during an exam) and comes with several pairs of cardboard glasses: movie star, superhero, mad scientist and “the perfect pair” that can be tried on Arlo. Your child can also try them on, which my daughter did. Besides keeping a child engaged, Arlo Needs Glasses has a meaning especially to children who wear glasses. There is an easy fix to vision problems: glasses.

This book explores what your child can expect at the eye doctor and how much better they will be able to see after getting glasses. Arlo Needs Glasses makes wearing glasses fun. I wore glasses as a child and needed a book like this when I was little. I was teased and never felt “cool” wearing glasses. Arlo Needs Glasses also teaches the important skill of problem solving.

This book encourages your child to read. It’s engaging and entertaining. After my daughter and I read it she wanted to read it again, immediately. My daughter has read this book at least twice every day. She took it with her to her grandparents’ house and read it to them. She also reads the book to her “babies.” This book is definitely a keeper. It’s been some time since I’ve come across a book that has held my daughter’s interest for so long.

I highly recommend Arlo Needs Glasses as a great read whether or not your child wears glasses. Not only will your little ones enjoy it, you will too!

Arlo Needs Glasses

By Barney Saltzberg

Hardback, 24 pages

Published by Workman Publishing

Price: $15.95

Easy to Read 5
Quality of Illustrations 5
Appealed to Both Boys and Girls 5
Kept My Child’s Interest 5
I Would Purchase This For My Family yes
I Would Purchase This As a Gift  yes
Overall Rating  5

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being

the highest.

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