April Fools Fun


This trick is perfect for first thing in the morning. Let your kids know you made them a fancy drink for breakfast, and watch (in delight) as they are fooled into trying to drink the undrinkable! This batch will be plenty to fool more than one of your loved ones.



  • Lemon-flavoredGelatin
  • Redfood coloring


Mix up a box of lemon-flavored gelatin, but feel free to add food coloring of your choice for a fun-colored concoction. Put the concoctioninto clear glasses and put a fun drinking straw into the glasses. Put theglasses in the fridge to cool. After they’ve cooled, distribute to your thirsty family. Don’t forget to have a camera close by!



Got Milk?

This innocent trick will have everyone at the breakfast table laughing.  First, put a few drops of the food coloring into the cereal bowl for your kids or spouse. Next, put cereal in the bowl to hide the food coloring. When the hungry family member takes their cereal, and pours in the milk, they’ll find a colorful surprise in their bowl!


  • Liquidfood coloring
  • Any dry cereal
  • Milk



Thisone’s good for the kid who checks loves checking e-mail first thing everymorning: Put part of a post-it note over the tracking ball on acomputer mouse (it won’t work!), and write “Happy April Fools!” on the bottom! Make sure the post-it is concealed so it can’t be seen!




Bunchup a little bit of toilet paper and stuff it in the toe your children’s or spouse’s shoes. They will think their feet must have grown overnight! 


Any other April Fools ideas? Feel free to let us know on our facebook page!




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