Alison’s Boutique

Alison’s Boutique Offers Fun, Trendy Fashions


If you are looking for trendy clothing that you won’t find in a department store, Alison’s Boutique is the place for you.  The idea for Alison’s Boutique began when, after being asked by so many people where she buys her clothes, Alison Bawek decided to open a clothing and jewelry boutique in her large dance studio.  Now the cute and trendy boutique specializes in one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing and accessories. 



Alison travels to New York and Baltimore to select items you can’t find anywhere else locally.  And in addition to the women’s clothing, a small part of the store is dedicated to hair bows, peddiskirts and other fun, frilly clothes for little girls.

Alison’s Boutique is in the third floor of a beautiful brick office building in Sandy Spring, MD.  The rest of the third floor is dedicated to dance studios which are also run by Alison Bawek.  (You can check out the plethora of dance classes offered for all ages on their website  Parking is easy to find and purple “Alison’s Boutique” signs lead you to the entrance door and elevator. 


When I first walked into the boutique I loved how bright and pretty it is.  Everything is displayed in an easy to see manner, and natural light flows through the windows.  I especially loved the dressing rooms, which are painted purple and have pretty curtains.

Currently Alison’s Boutique is moving out their winter inventory and receiving their new spring fashions which will highlight bright colors and bold patterns.  The selection of jewelry caught my eye; I was especially drawn to the bubble necklaces and the many dangly earrings for sale.  Some brightly colored clutches are also adorable.


While Sandy Spring might not be in the convenient for everyone, I’m glad that Alison’s Boutique provides a fun, trendy shopping stop for locals.  You don’t have to travel to Bethesda to get great designer clothes!


The prices at Alison’s Boutique are comparable to other boutique pricing, and you can find great sales on merchandise as the seasons change.  Right now many winter items are on sale for up to 40% off!  

While not the main focus of the shop, Alison’s Boutique does sell a selection of hair bows and other little girl item, which are handmade by a friend of Alison.  I know my daughter would love to dance around in some of the leg warmers and frilly skirts for sale!

Alison’s Boutique

17810 Meeting House Rd., Moore Building, Suite 350

Sandy Spring, MD

Phone: 250-389-1086


Store hours:10am to 8pm Monday through Friday; 10am to 6pm on Saturdays; closed on Sundays.

 Customer Service
 Decor  5
 Convenient Location  3
 Selection  4
 Price/Affordability  4
 Cleanliness  5
 Kid-Friendly  4
 Available Parking
 Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.


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