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 Meet A DC Metro Mom
(DC Metro area includes Northern Virginia and Maryland.)

She mothers. She is solution oriented and relationship driven. She is focused on providing quality learning opportunities for her children. She is concerned about keeping her family safe and healthy. At times, she finds it challenging to balance motherhood and her personal goals.

She puts a great deal of effort into choosing what is best for her home, her family, and herself. She seeks credible resources to help her make decisions for her family, because a large portion of their family budget is allocated towards child-centered products and services.

She is always looking for ways to give her children better opportunities and experiences. Most of her late afternoon and weekend time is spent transporting her kids to enrichment activities and birthday parties. While she is waiting for her child, she likes to have an enjoyable read that helps her discover resources for her family, as well as, support her ever-changing role as a mother.

She is digitally oriented. She uses digital technology to reinforce her parenting role with her peers through social networks. In these networks, she follows what other mothers recommend, and she benchmarks the progress of her child against other children in her network of peers. She likes it when brands give her a personalized experience via her digital methods, such as special offers, timely advice, and life-simplifying ideas.

Call us at 703-318-1385 ext. 7 #


Demographic Profile
25 – 49
   Female 91 %
   Male       9 %
Average Family Size 3.36
Median Household Income:  $170,300
   Managerial   50.2 %
   Professional 21.9 %
Homeownership 90.8 %
   Market Value of Primary Home
      200,000 to 499,999 24.1 %
      500,000 to 749,999 36.6 %
      750,000 to 999,999 21.8 %
    Attendend College 
95.8 %
   Graduated from College 84.2 %
   Completed Post Graduate 49.8 %
Call us at 703-318-1385 ext. 7 #

Why She Reads
FAMILY Magazine
She seeks out FAMILY Magazine because she relies on the information in the magazine to help her make purchasing decisions for her family or reinforce what information she has found online. She visits FAMILY’s website to find family fun activities, schools, camps, enrichment activities, and parenting advice.

She reads FAMILY’s eNewsletter to find the quality events for her familyto attend. She is builds relationships with other moms in our social networks. She values FAMILY Magazine’s over 23 years of publishing and finds it a credible source to guide her during the challenging task of parenting.

After all . . . she is her family’s SUPERHERO!

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About FAMILY Magazine

FAMILY Magazine is the largest parenting publication in the Mid-Atlantic region and has over 23 years of publishing experience. FAMILY Magazine is delivered every month to over 2,800 locations where parents go with their children. The online version is available at

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Call us at 703-318-1385 ext. 7 #  

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