Adoption Steps

1.  Decidewhat type of adoption to pursue: Do someself-research and understand adoption and your willingness to accept, love andcommit unconditionally and permanently to a child


2.  Learnabout the cost to adopt and the resources availableto assist with the expenses, including adoption subsidies, tax credits andemployer benefits. Adopting from foster care costs very little.


3.  Investigateand select an adoption agency: Researchpublic and private agencies to understand their processes, policies andpractices.


4.  Workwith the adoption agency to complete an applicationand any required paperwork, attend meetings and orientation sessions, networkwith other adoptive parents and ask questions.


5.  Completea home study and any required adoptionpreparation classes, learn as much as you can about the dynamics of adoption,childhood development and the special issues and experiences of children infoster care.


6.  Beginthe matching process with a child or sibling group ofchildren, determine what age child you are looking for and how flexible you arein growing your family, learn as much as you can about the child and backgroundof the children with whom you are matched.


7.  Preparefor the child’s arrival: Amend health insurancepolicies, obtain original birth certificates, secure new social securitynumbers, finalize school enrollment, negotiate adoption subsidies, make your homechild-friendly and support children already in the home.


8.  Bringthe child home: Petition the court to adopt,understand the legal process and work with the adoption agency.


9.  Finalizethe adoption in court: Adoption is a legal process andthe beginning of your new family – celebrate!


10. Takeadvantage of post-adoption services and resources,from parent support groups and professional services, to employer-basedbenefits.


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The Dave Thomas Foundationfor Adoption is a national nonprofit public charity dedicated exclusively tofinding permanent homes for the more than 137,000 children waiting in NorthAmerica’s foster care systems. Created by Wendy’s® founder DaveThomas who was adopted, the Foundation implements results-driven national serviceprograms, foster care adoption awareness campaigns and advocacy initiatives. Tolearn more, visit davethomasfoundation.orgor call 1-800-ASK-DTFA.




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