A Weeks Worth Cookbook

Finding it difficult to put together a meal after a long day of working, doctors appointments and soccer practice? You are not alone. The dinner hour is perhaps the only time when families can spend a little time together, getting to know each other and talking about their day before it is time for homework and bed. Putting dinner on the table can become a burden though, and if it does, then it can very easily go by the wayside. In order to make mealtime a priority without it becoming an impossibility, getting organized in the kitchen is key. Heidi Lobato’s A Week’s Worth Cookbook is the answer for anyone who has to put a meal on the table for a hungry family on a daily basis.

A Week’s Worth Cookbook features 25 weekly meal plans in a handy, three-ring binder. Recipes are primarily for main dishes, and are simple and delicious. Prep time is generally about 30 minutes; perfect for busy families. But there is something special about this book: the grocery list. At the end of each weekly meal plan is a shopping list that includes exactly what you will need to prepare the meals on the meal plan. Exact quantities are listed, so you won’t overbuy. A simple-to-read recipe key tells you what meal the ingredients are for. And a list of variations give lower-fat or less expensive alternatives. All this guarantees that you will always have the stuff on hand to make the meals listed, and will save you many last-minute trips to the grocery store and probably a fair amount of money, too.

Custom Meal Plans

In addition to the cookbook, custom meal plans are also available. Simply send five or six of your favorite recipes via email or USPS to[email protected]  and they will send a custom weekly meal plan complete with a grocery list to add to your binder. And if you find you need a new grocery list, all you have to do is ask. One will be sent to you at any time for free. Available only online. For ordering information, check out www.aweeksworthcookbook.com

Our FAMILIES Favorites!

FAMILIES Magazines newest feature will be Our FAMILIES favorites. Each month we will be including a main dish recipe that is a favorite of one of our staff. Try them out, tell us what you think, and feel free to send us a Family Favorite of your own for this space.

Easy Crock Pot Roast

Medium size chuck roast

One can of Cream of Mushroom or Golden Mushroom Soup

(Cream of Mushroom makes a creamier gravy)

One soup can of water

One envelope of Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Sliced carrots (optional)

Place thawed roast in the crock pot. Mix soup, water and envelope of onion soup mix in a bowl. Pour over roast. Add carrots if you wish. Cook on high for four to six hours.

Simple, eh? Tastes great, and if you are lucky and have leftovers, the meat makes great shredded beef tacos or sandwiches the next day.






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