A Princess Like Me

A Princess Like Me




A Princess Like Me is a cute pop-up book for young princesses.  The short story follows a princess as she wakes up in the morning, gets ready for the day, and hosts a party for all her other princess friends.  With only 12 pages you can read this book as many times are your little princess desires.

Little girls are sure to love the bright pictures and pop ups, some of which move.  Pull the arrow and you open the box where the princess keeps her crown.  Another moving popup reveals the princess’s closet full of dresses.  On the publisher’s website you can watch a quick (30 second) clip that highlights the pop-ups from the book.

While much of the story does follow typical princess stereotypes, I appreciated the message of sharing and friendship entwined in the book.  The rhyming story is catchy as well.

One thing that I liked about the book are the inside front and back covers which are coloring pages.  This added bit of something interactive makes the book more memorable for little ones.  

As with any popup book, although the pages are thicker than normal paper, they aren’t toddler proof.  I’d recommend reading the book with anyone under the age of two who may not understand how to be gentle with pop-ups.

If you have a little girl who loves princesses, A Princess Like Me will be a book she’ll love.  And at $6.99 it’s a book that won’t break the bank.

A Princess Like Me Pop-up Book

By Matthew Reinhart

Price: $6.99

Website: http://www.randomhousekids.com/videos/jkt1rltnhpm-a-princess-like-me-pop-up-book-by-matthew-reinhart#.UZLerOLD9dg

Easy to Read  5
Quality of Illustrations
Appealed to Both Boys and Girls
 Kept My Children’s Interest
I Would Purchase this for My Family
I Would Purchase this as a Gift
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

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