9 Ways to Winterize Your Car

Rejoice, winter activity enthusiasts! The 2017 Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a snow-filled, icy winter. Go ahead, daydream of fresh powder, smiling snowmen and frozen ponds, and get ready to embrace winter!

A few simple winterizing tips for the outside and inside of your car can ensure you’re ready to take the road by storm this winter, wherever your adventures may lead.


1. LIGHTS: Inspect your headlights and brake lights to ensure they’re fully functioning, which are especially important during winter fogs or heavy snow.

2. WIPERS: Buy washer fluid with antifreeze solution to protect visibility and ensure windshield blades are in good working order.

3. WAX: A fresh coat of wax before the snow flies can help protect against damage from salt and dirt.

4. TIRES: Tires lose pressure as temperatures drop. Even if winter conditions are mild, remember to check your pressure once a month. If driving where temperatures consistently approach freezing, consider a winter tire like the Michelin X-Ice Xi3, built for superior traction and handling in winter conditions.


5. BATTERY: Battery capacity is decreased significantly by cold weather. Before the winter months, have your mechanic check it to ensure it’s at peak performance. It’s also a good idea to carry jumper cables in your car, should you ever need someone to give you a boost.

6. HEATER & DEFROSTER: Make sure the heater and defroster are in proper working condition for occupant comfort and visibility.

7. SMART START: Let your car idle for a few minutes before driving in cool temps and give your engine a chance to warm up for optimal performance. Bonus for those with remote start!

8. INTERIOR MATS: Using winter mats in your car can go a long in keeping your car’s interior clean during the snowy, slushy months. 

9. EMERGENCY KIT: Carry an emergency kit with gloves, blanket, flares, a shovel, flashlight, water, extra batteries and cell phone charger, as well as an emergency contact list with important phone numbers.


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