7 Adorable Ways Children Show Appreciation

(BPT) – Mother’s Day is the perfect time for children to show mom a little appreciation. From hugs aplenty to cute drawings, they know how to melt a mom’s heart through even the smallest acts of affection. And as women who love unconditionally, moms are treasures that are deserving of our appreciation every day of the week.

“Even very young toddlers can learn the importance of being appreciative,” shared Richard Peterson, vice president of education at Kiddie Academy, a leader in educational child care. “Whether in the classroom or at home, appreciation is an important character trait to teach and model every day.”

So, in honor of this national holiday, Kiddie Academy shares a few favorite ways kiddos show appreciation for their moms:

An art-filled home

Your little artist loves to color pictures for you. And if mom likes a small picture, she’s sure to really love an even bigger one, right? That’s why your Picasso-in-training decided it would be great to color an entire wall in one-of-a-kind artwork for everyone to enjoy.

Help with chores

Your 5-year-old wants to help out around the house by doing a few loads of laundry while you’re away. How thoughtful! Until he pulls the load out and makes the rite-of-passage, coming-of-age discovery that whites and reds don’t mix. The good news: You have a whole new wardrobe full of pretty blush hues!

Sweet nighttime visits

It’s 2 a.m. and completely dark in your room. You hear a noise and, in a sleepy haze, roll over to be startled awake by a figure in the shadows. Relax, it’s not a poltergeist; it’s just your child ready to greet you with a big smile and premature morning hug. You oblige and appreciate the unexpected love, but with your heart racing a little faster than usual, walk her back to her room for a few more hours of rest.

Breakfast in bed

Your well-meaning children want to make this a special morning, so they take the time to whip up a glorious breakfast fit for a queen and bring it to you in bed. How sweet, you think, until you mosey down to the kitchen to see the aftermath of their cooking adventure on the floor, walls and ceiling…?!

Sentimental moments

You finally have a night out scheduled and you’re jazzed to wear that little black dress that rarely gets pulled out of the closet. Before leaving your toddler with a sitter, you give her one last hug as she lovingly gets her sticky ice cream hands all over you. Ugh…you were just going to spill on it anyway, right?

Help with the littlest ones

You’re rushing around getting the family ready for an outing, rallying the troops, when suddenly you realize it’s a little too quiet. You hurry down the hall to your 6-year-old’s room and stumble into what looks like a scene from backstage at the circus: in an effort to help, your child has taken it upon herself to get your toddler ready for the day with your favorite makeup.

Bedtime snuggles

You’ve just finished reading the fifth bedtime story of the night and your little one finally closed his eyes. You gently stand up, careful to not make the slightest move in fear of waking him. You tiptoe along in the dark like a ninja when creeeeaaaak … the floorboard may as well be a car alarm. Your little one’s eyes instantly pop open and they call out to you. But instead of forcing you to continue reading, he sweetly asks for one last hug and says “I love you, Mommy. Goodnight.”

Children may show their appreciation in unique ways, but no matter what, they’re always met with unconditional love. To learn more about teaching appreciation to children, click here, or visit kiddieacademy.com to find out more about Kiddie Academy’s Character Education curriculum.


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