5 Tips for Style Shopping on a Budget

Sure, I enjoy stuffing my car trunk with bags of fabulous shopping finds, but scoring awesome fashions without breaking the bank brings even greater pleasure. Here are five tips to help you build that fabulous wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

1. Shop Off Season: Some of the best deals happen when you scour the racks at your favorite stores off-season. This means shopping for summer clothes in winter and vice versa. Applying this basic shopping principle can save you anywhere from 50-75 percent off the original price. Make sure to seek out classic styles as they always remain on trend. The only downside of shopping off-season is your options may be limited. Often times, these racks have been rummaged through before you have a chance to shop. Calling your favorite stores to find out when they do their off-season mark downs could help you get first dibs.

2. Consider Consignment Shopping: Consignment shopping, or thrifting, is part of my fashion shopping routine. I love shopping the consignment universe for fabulous vintage and designer items at exceptional steals. While thrifting isn’t for everyone, if you have patience and are willing to leave any preconceived notions behind, you can walk away with unique, budget-friendly fashion finds. Online consignment boutiques like Thredup.com, Therealreal.com, Poshmark.com, Liketwice.com and Threadflip.com have amazing deals and inventory.

3. Shop Red First: My first stop when I enter a store is the clearance rack. I go straight to those racks seeking out price tags with the red line going straight through the original prices. Many times I fulfill my retail therapy right in the clearance sections, making it easier for me to avoid the rest of the store (and ultimately saving myself from unnecessary impulse spending).

4. Invest in Staples: You always hear from the fashion gurus, “Invest in staples!” and while it’s essential for your wardrobe, it’s also great for your wallet. Investing in staple must-haves provides more styling flexibility and options in your wardrobe-building process. It also helps curb future spending, because these staples make for more outfit combinations with the items you already own. These wardrobe essentials include black, single-sole heels, the perfect black blazer, a great pair of jeans, a LBD (little black dress), a midi skirt (hitting right below the knee) and a classic black handbag. Starting out with these staple basics gives you the opportunity to mix-and-match, while creating the illusion of an expansive wardrobe.

5. Shop Discount Designer Stores: If you love bargain shopping like I do, you probably already know your way around discount designer stores. But if not, you might want to consider frequenting some of these discount retail stores (in person or online) for your next shopping spree. Stores like TJMaxx, Bluefly.com, TheOutNet.com, Yoox.com, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Marshalls are great bargain stores with fabulous designer brands at exceptional prices.

The key to fashion shopping on a budget is to be patient, seek out different shopping resources and focus on the classics!

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Meet the Author: Natasha Bernard is a mom, wife and lover of fashionably fabulous style.


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