3 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Arts Camp

Summer camp is a place where kids are able to explore, mature and grow. They learn to work together with others in community and communicate thoughts and feelings in their own creative way. Summer arts camps help kids discover their own unique voice, vision and inspiration. Here are three of the many reasons to send your child to an arts camp.

1. The Imagination Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Imagination is an essential part of a child’s life. Girls and boys alike respond best when encouraged to dream, wish and pretend. Exercises in imagination help kids develop flexible perspectives, which allow them to emotionally adapt when necessary. Arts camps encourage children to expand and communicate their imagination. Music, visual arts, theater, crafts and other programs are specifically geared toward creating a safe, supportive environment where kids can artistically grow.

2. Creative Exercises Help the Mind Develop

Creativity in the classroom has been proven to improve brain development, along with physical movement. The body and mind must both be engaged on a regular basis in order for kids to grow up healthy and strong. The arts provide both of these essential experiences. The time spent outdoors combined with the opportunity to creatively express ideas and thoughts via music, acting, dancing, painting, etc., make arts camps the prime place for children to develop healthy behaviors and coping mechanisms.

3. Self Expression Is an Important Part of Personal Growth

One of the most valuable skills a child can develop is the ability to clearly communicate. Kids dealing with communication issues, such as speech impediments and dyslexia, need extra attention and help to learn how to clearly articulate their needs and wants. Arts and crafts can help them develop the skills necessary to share their ideas, thoughts and emotions. This helps them to grow up and become healthy adults.

Self expression is something all humans need to develop, and there are many ways to explore this aspect of one’s self. A camp that focuses on the arts gives kids a variety of mediums through which to express all kinds of inner dialogues. In the future, this will allow them to continue to learn new ways of expressing and sharing themselves with others. — Sarah Benoit 

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