3 Hacks to Solve Your Workout Woes

(StatePoint) Is your workout causing you grief? Check out these hacks below that address some of the most common workout woes.

Get it Done

Do the responsibilities of your day leave you with neither the energy nor inclination to hit the gym? If you’ve skipped more than one sweat session for this reason, consider shifting your schedule and working out first thing in the morning. You’ll be less likely to make up excuses if exercise is the first item on your to-do list.

This will require waking up earlier than you’re accustomed to, which is easier said than done, but once the habit is firmly in place, jumping out of bed and into a pair of sneakers will become second nature. Plus, the benefits of a morning workout are numerous, leaving you more energized and focused all day long, and helping you start the day with a positive attitude.

Keep the Beat

A great beat can provide just the motivation you need to crank out a tough workout without losing steam. But if you listen to music while torching those calories, there’s no doubt that you’ve run into issues with sweat. While you may have discovered that basic waterproof earphones can stand up to an occasional rain shower, they are no match for the salt content of sweat.

Eliminate this issue with cool new gear like the Soundcore Spirit Pro earphones, which features SweatGuard technology — a hydro seal that protects the USB port, internal circuitry and other hardware against water, sweat and corrosion. A submarine-inspired impermeable structure encloses sensitive components away from liquid threats. Plus, its ergonomic design means great sound quality and a secure and comfortable fit.

Carry All

Workouts should be as convenient as possible. So, skip the gym bag and keep your most important items secure with a running belt instead that’s designed to hold essentials like your keys, phone, gym card, energy chews, water and earphones. A belt will keep your hands free on the trail and eliminate the need for a combination lock at the gym.

Before throwing in the towel on your fitness routine, remember, there’s a solution to every workout woe, from busted earphones to a lack of motivation.

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