10 Creative Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork

Decorate your home with it, make it a stuffed animal, create priceless gifts for relatives… there are so many creative ways to display and gift your child’s art!

Here are our top 10 ideas:

  1. Make a one-of-kind mug. Take a simple white mug and let the kids draw on it with Sharpies. Not only does it create a unique gift idea, but it will become a household item you’ll cherish while drinking your morning coffee!
  2. You can have a stuffed animal made of your kid’s creation. Companies such as Budsies or Child’s Own Studio will take your child’s drawing and make it into a loveable, soft stuffed animal for them to love in real life.
  3. Print your kid’s drawings on a blanket or quilt. Several companies offer this service, but you can also do it yourself. Just use a white duvet cover or sheet (anything semi-see-through) and place your children’s drawings underneath where it is visible, then trace the drawing with a fabric marker. Repeat with multiple drawings to create a pattern or however you see fit! For an example of this, click here!
  4. Make it into a keychain. It’s a simple and fun gift for a spouse or relative. Check out Etsy for multiple options.
  5. Go digital. Scan artwork onto your computer to create slideshows or keepsake books via Kodak or Wal-Mart, or try an app to create your keepsake. Keepy, Canvsly, Artkive and Art My Kid Made are good places to start.
  6. Create an ever-changing gallery. We suggest putting up a bar structure on the wall that you can attach clips to, whether they are clothespins or something fancier, so the artwork can be switched out whenever something new comes along.
  7. A frame wall is a twist on the gallery idea. Put up empty frames arranged on the wall with a string between the two sides. Place clips or clothespins on the string and your kids can switch their art out easily – together they can create an aesthetic art wall!
  8. Have their artwork printed on fabric. Their fruit drawing can become your newest hand towel; their sunset drawing can become your next pillowcase! All you have to do is place their drawing underneath a pillowcase or other equally light fabric and trace the drawing with a fabric marker or Sharpie.
  9. Put their drawing on a t-shirt! Take their drawing and carefully use an exacto knife to cut along all the lines in the drawing. Place the paper over the t-shirt. Tape down or iron on to keep it from moving. Paint over your stencil with fabric paint. Remove the stencil and you’ll have a unique item to add to your wardrobe!
  10. Preserve pictures in a book. You can use the many services out there to create a printed book, or slide them into clear sleeves in a binder or photo album.

For more ideas on how to keep your kid’s artwork forever, check out:



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