10 Apps to Transition from Summer to Fall

It’s a time of big changes when summer comes to an end and school is beginning again. Both children and parents alike have to adjust to new routines and schedules. Modern technology can lend a hand with helpful apps that allow you to stay on top of your to-do list and make the transition easier. Check out these apps for summer transition:

1. Hurray for Pre-K

If your child is having anxiety about going to school for the first time, this app can help ease the transition. Complete with a step-by-step guide of what they can expect, it shows kids how fun school can be.

2. Cozi Family Planner

Schedules can get hectic and hard to remember with all the kids’ sports games and after-school activities. This app helps keep you organized and on top all the events happening during the week.

3. Schoola

Searching for deals on kids’ clothes is easy with the newly-updated app. Shop Schoola for gently used clothes at 70 percent off retail. Create a collection and get notifications when newly arrived items are live on the site. The best part is 40 percent of the proceeds benefit children’s education. You can also track your school’s fundraising progress and help reach their goals by donating clothes.

4. KinderClock

This app helps children develop a sense of time and urgency when they get ready for school in the morning. Parents will love it because everyone will be ready to head out the door on time.

5. Berenstain Bears Come Clean to School

These classic childhood bears help teach kids about hygiene routines when they leave for school in the morning.

6. Toca Boca

If your child is struggling in science class, this app can bring the subject matter to life and make learning fun for kids.

7. La La Lunchbox

Teach kids how to make healthy food choices and meal plan for their lunch at school.

8. Homework

This app helps children manage their homework workload and plan out their weekly assignments.

9. School Supply List

This app is perfect for organizing your school supply list, especially if you have multiple kids to shop for. Whenever you come across something on sale you can check your list and get the best deals.

10. MeeGenius

This app is a great resource to help kids to develop their reading skills and learn to love reading.

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