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December 2014

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Gymnastics & Martial Arts

Fairfax Fencers
Fairfax Fencers<br />
Phone: (703) 961-1400
Fax: 7039611444
4433 J Brookfield Corporate Dr.
Location: Main
Area Served: DC, MD & VA
Ages Served: 8+
Fairfax Fencers has operated in Northern Virginia for more than 20 years. We are a private club with 2700 sq. ft. of fencing space. Our team of coaches strives to offer an enriching and welcoming environment to everyone who comes through our doors.

Fencing Sports Academy, Inc.
Fencing Sports Academy, Inc.<br />
Phone: 888 300 5095
10201 Main Street
Area Served: DC, MD & VA
Ages Served: 7 to 99
Premier Fencing School in DC area. Recreational and Competitive fencing in Olympic Foil and Epee. Northern Virginia location dedicated to bringing out the best in children and family friendly atmoshpere. Coaches of international caliber.

Flying Kick Fitness Center
Flying Kick Fitness Center<br />
Phone: 301-951-0543
4711 Chase Avenue
Area Served: DC, MD & VA
Ages Served: All
FLYING KICK FITNESS CENTER is dedicated to the development and education of the whole student through training in Martial Arts. Emphasis is placed upon improving the potential of each student. FLYING KICK is unique due to the the special training techniques developed by Master Al-Atrash who has 36 years of experience. Flying Kick offers different types of programs. We offer programs for 3 and 4 year old children, as well as 5 and up from White Belt (beginner) up to Black Belt. We also have family classes where siblings and parents come together to train in a fun way. What a joy it is to have parent and kids train together. We have very intensive adult martial art program that emphasizes the traditional values of the Martial Arts and our focus in the program is self-defense, a great workout and a balance between the mind and the body. Learning and fun is our basis with the focus on courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. We focus on safety, discipline and caring.

Loudoun Gymnastics Center
Loudoun Gymnastics Center<br />
Phone: 703-444-9298
Looking for a great and fun gymnastics camp for your children? Loudoun Gymnastic Center is the place for you!

TK Gym & Martial Arts
TK  Gym & Martial Arts<br />
Phone: (301)657-7782
Fax: (301)657-7782
6831 Wisconsin Ave #P102
Chevy Chase
Area Served: DC, MD & VA
Ages Served: Tiny Tot(2-5), Children, Adults, Family
Martial Arts offers the best work-out method to get in shape and the discipline you need to be motivated, learn Self-Defense and stay in shape.