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December 2014

Decorating for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, find your inner Martha Stewart! Inexpensive and timeless table settings are only a do-it-yourself craft away. If you’re hosting the big family celebration this year, try a few of these fun and easy decorating ideas to spice up the dinner table.



Mini Pumpkins

These can be used in many different creative ways. You can use them as a place setting for each guest, with their name attached on a cute, festive nametag. This can show a warm welcome to out-of-town’ers. Mini pumpkins can also be used as a centerpiece. Place them around a bouquet of red, orange and yellow flowers for an unexpected twist or place them on top of pedestal candleholders to create an innovative look out of something you already own.


Mix Textures and Patterns

Combining two unexpected textures adds character to any dinner setting. For example, use a burlap table runner to give a fresh, fall feel and then use gold accents (candle holders, gold fruit or a gold-colored bowl) to show your glitzy personality and create a look that’s uniquely your own.



Rather than complain about all the pinecones to pick up in the yard, use them to your advantage!  Place pinecones in their natural state in a glass vase to create an outdoorsy elegance or spray paint them your favorite metallic shade and place along the table runner for an affordable way to bring the outdoors inside.


Pretty Napkin Ties

Dress up your napkins with a pretty little tie. For an organic feel, use twine to tie the napkins into a bow and tie acorns at the end. For a more sophisticated feel, choose a bright silk ribbon to match your décor and create a sense of cohesiveness on the table.


Pumpkin Flowers

Create a unique and special centerpiece using pumpkins, flowers (orange and yellow mums) and hot-glue. Cut the heads from the flowers and hot-glue them to the body of the pumpkin. This cute idea is sure to be emulated by your guests at their future Thanksgiving meals.


Gourde Vases

Think outside the glass vase. Hollow out a few tall squashes and place flowers and water in each one. Use bright colors to contrast the pale yellows and oranges of the gourd. Pink and red flowers work well.