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January 2015

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FAMILY Blog: January
Resolutions seem like a good idea - eat green, exercise, organize. All good, except no one wants to do those things. I want to see us all accomplish our goals - we just need to find a way to make these resolutions work for us...

Indoor Play Guide
It’s the perfect time of year to play inside! For the sake of your sanity and your home’s interior, having a place to go with the kids is a must.
Click the link for tons of indoor play places near you!

As you take down that spruce tree, it might be a good time to assess if your home could use some sprucing up. Maybe it’s time for a new coat of paint, some trendy pillows or updated window treatments. We’ve asked interior decorator  Christine Barringer for some professional advice.

The results are in for our "Best for FAMILIES" survey. Click here for the complete list of winners and finalists!


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